Public Relations

Reporters have your number. They are calling for an answer. You know you need to speak with them, but what do you say and how should you say it? You don’t want to make the situation worse or imply something completely not true. Navigating media takes astute and meticulous handling. We know. We really do.


Social Medias

To fully maximize the power of the web, a strategic entry point and ongoing attention is vital to keep up with the cyber speed of change. AH!Com offers you a turnkey concept: we can take on all the stages of website development, from writing content to graphic design, programming and social media management.

Writing Right

Whether it’s a memorable speech, a punchy article, an attention grabbing media statement or a lengthy report, we have the right words for you.We can produce in a timely manner all types of documents for public communications to suit all circumstances, in both French and English.


Strategic Counsel

Your company has changed. You are concerned about the impact on your suppliers and partners. You need a communications plan to effectively educate them on the changes. This is our specialty.


Image Management

You work hard and are proud of your creativity and performance. But not enough people know about it. You need a recognition plan.


Internal Communications

Your employees seem lost. They don’t understand the company’s vision or purpose. How can you help them find their way?Well-orchestrated internal communications create and strengthen the feeling of belonging among your employees. This is a vital step towards increasing productivity.



Special Events

We make events a memorable experience for everyone. The AH!Com team has the expertise, talent and creativity to create unforgettable events. We have collaborated on major events, such as gala evenings, anniversary celebrations, inauguration and annual shareholders meeting.



Ah!Com offers a range of public relations courses to help raise your communications skills to the next level of expertise



Recruitment campaign

With today’s shortage of qualified candidates, particularly in the health sector, staff recruitment is a critical issue. We have the formula to attract the best talent for you.