What a mess! The media is harassing you; executives are angry, shareholders panick and your employees worry. It’s a crisis, but no worries–you are not alone. We can help.

In case of emergency, AH!Com can quickly mobilize a team of experts to manage the crisis and restore confidence–both within and outside your organization.

BUT, do not wait for a crisis to call us! The best crisis management takes effect before the crisis hits and while it is simply simmering. We can identify the issues that could put your organization at risk and help mitigate the effects by preparing you…before the crisis turns into a full-blown disaster.

Crisis management services include:

  • Crisis prevention plans
  • Crisis intervention at any time
  • Strategic knowledge: press, blogosphere and Web monitoring
  • Management of internal communications and relationships with partners
  • Crisis simulations
  • Strategic advice
  • Development of key messages and questions and answers
  • Managing relationships with the media and parties involved (politicians, unions, associations, etc.)
  • Spokesperson training

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