Reporters have your number. They are calling for an answer. You know you need to speak with them, but what do you say and how should you say it? You don’t want to make the situation worse or imply something completely not true. Navigating media takes astute and meticulous handling. We know. We really do.

Our experience and extensive network of contacts with journalists enables us coordinate successful media operations.

The headlines of the newspaper or TV news can’t be bought. Instead, they are looking for an original story that is interesting and relevant. At AH!Com, we have “news sense,” which allows us to identify the angle that will attract journalists.

We offer the following public relations services:

  • Punctual management of requests from journalists
  • Organization of individual meetings, press conferences, media tours and meetings with editorial teams
  • Spokesperson preparation
  • Media training
  • Production of tools (press releases and press kits, key messages, questions/answers, fact sheets, graphs, charts, photographs, etc.)
  • Developing lists of press and bloggers
  • Interview requests
  • Media exposure for business leaders and organizations
  • Evaluation of media coverage (press review and media coverage analysis)
  • Multimedia email broadcasting
  • Creation of virtual pressrooms

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